Polygonize! 3D-Editor

Polygonize! 3D-Editor is a simple program for 3D-modelling. Originally I made it just because I wanted to learn basics of 3d-programming and I couldn't find an editor that I could use to make simple 3d-objects to my own programs. Now this editor has quite a lot features but it's not even trying to pretend to be a "real" 3d-modelling tool.

Some features


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Polygonize! 3D-Editor is developped by Tomi Lamminsaari. It uses Allegro Gaming Library and it's done with Dev-C++.


Polygonize! 3D-editor can be freely downloaded. You are allowed to use the objects created with it in both free and commercial products as long as you mention somewhere in the credits that you have used the Polygonize! 3D-Editor.

Unzip the archive. This process creates a folder named 'Polygonize'. Move that folder anywhere you want. The editor can be run by doubleclicking the 'Polygonize.exe' file. The zip-file contains the help pages but you can also find an online help from here.

Siirry suomenkielisiin ohjeisiin.


Here are links to some "technical" pages.