Polygonize! 3D-Editor

To use the objects in your own program, you can use my PolyClasses-library. It has some C++ classes that can load objects and texturesets done with Polygonize! 3D-Editor. It also provides simple interface for rotating and transforming the objects.

Download the library: libpolyclasses.zip

How to use the PolyClasses-library

I expect you to now basics of object oriented C++ programming and Allegro-library. I've used the version 4.1.11 (wip) of the Allegro-library but it may compile with version 4.0.3 too.

To use this library you have to either build the library or import the sourcefiles to your project. Of course you could do your own 3d-code and use my code as an example of how to read objects that are made with Polygonize! 3D-Editor.

Unzip the archive. New PolyClasses-folder will be created during this process. Run 'make' command to build it. After that copy the library 'libpolyclasses.a' to your 'libs'-folder. Then you should copy all the headerfiles to your ''include'-folder. Now you can use the library by including the file

#include <PolyClasses.h>

And after the compilation of your program link it with library 'libpolyclasses.a' before the 'liballeg.a'

An example of using the PolyClasses

The libpolyclasses.zip-archive contains an example of how to use the classes. There are both, source and executable.