Polygonize! 3D-Editor

Version 1.0
Tomi Lamminsaari



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Polygonize! 3D-Editor in short

Polygonize! 3D-Editor is simple tool for creating 3D-models to your own games.


  • Faces that are built from 3 or 4 vertices. Total number of vetices or faces has not been limited.
  • Textures (from 4x4 to 256x256 pixels). There's no limit to the number of textures.
  • Gouraud-shaded faces
  • 3 editing window + perspect window
  • Project manager

System requirements

You need Windows 98 or newer and Direct-X 7 or newer to run the editor. Recommended hardware is processor running at least at 800 MHz. Editor uses software rendering so modern videocard is not so important. It must be capable of 1024x768 displaymode with 16, 24 or 32 bits colors.