We Want War

During the last two weeks we've been receiving strange cargoboxes that were labeled as "fragile" and smelled like something was rotting inside. I was doing my normal maintenance tasks in the basement of this warehouse when someone opened one of those boxes and let the hell rise upon us...

I heard screaming and growling from the next room but I was too scared to go and see what was happening there. Soon I realized that whatever there happened I have to go and find out because I was trapped in here. So I took a good grip on my crowbar.


Click the link below to load the current version of We Want War.

version 0.85 wewantwar.zip

We Want War is a freeware game. The game does not cost anything and you are allowed to redistribute it but you are not allowed to sell it. I do not accept any resposibility of the damages this game might cause to your system.

The source code of We Want War version 0.85 is also available. Click wewantwar_src.zip-link to download the source code.

We Want War can be found from allegro.cc as well.

How to play

We Want War uses both the keyboard and the mouse. Keyboard is used to move the character and to change weapons. Mouse is used to aiming and shooting. Detailed controls can be found here.




In case you want to say something to the credits of We Want War, please mail it to Tomi Lamminsaari to address that has the form firstname.lastname@mbnet.fi.

Version history

Changes from version 0.80 to 0.85

Changes from version 0.75 to 0.80

Changes from version 0.70 to 0.75

Copyright © 2006 by Tomi Lamminsaari